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FreeNAS on HP Microserver N54L - Shared Storage for your ESXi

The HP Microserver N54L and its predecessors N40L and N36L are widely spread homeservers. I've written about using it as ESXi host in my Homelab about 2 years ago. Today it is still a great system to be used with ESXi but there are better alternatives, especially due to its limited memory and CPU power. That was the reason why I rededicated my N40L to be central storage and file server with FreeNAS. This post describes what you need to use the N40L as resilient storage and how to configure it properly for ESXi usage. I will talk about NFS sync writes or performance issues with NFS vs. iSCSI and how to workaround them.


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ESXi Issues caused by hp-ams module

I recently had strange issues with Hewlett-Packard servers. ESXi hosts randomly have shown a couple of different symptoms:

  • ESXi host unmanageable
  • ESXi host grayed out in vCenter
  • Starting host services fails with an error message:

    Call "HostServiceSystem.Restart" for object "serviceSystem-[*]" on vCenter Server * failed.

  • Cannot perform vMotion to or from the host
  • Starting virtual machine fails with an error message:

    Power On virtual machine *
    A general system error occurred: The virtual machine could not start

  • Restarting services in DCUI fails

    A general system error occurred: Command /bin/sh failed

  • SSH connection to the host possible, but no response after login requests
  • Local console displays an error message:

    /bin/sh cannot fork

  • Error Message received at syslog server

    sfcb-HTTPS-Daemon[*]: handleHttpRequest fork failed: Cannot allocate memory
    crond[*]: can't vfork
    cpu*:*)WARNING: Heap: *: Heap_Align(globalCartel-1, 136/136 bytes, 8 align) failed.
    cpu*:*)WARNING: Heap: *: Heap globalCartel-1 already at its maximum size. Cannot expand)

  • DCUI message log (ALT+F12) displays an error message

    WARNING: Heap: *: Heap globalCartel-1 already at its maximum size. Cannot expand.

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VMware ESXi Support for HP ProLiant Gen9 Servers

Hewlett Packard has released Intel Xeon E5v3 (aka Haswell) Proliant Generation 9 server systems. Gen9 Servers are available as Rack Servers, Blades and Towers. Time to have a look at VMware Support for the new series.


HP ProLiant Gen9 Servers with ESXi Support:

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Host Profile Error - Found extra CIM-XML Indication Subscription

When you use Host Profiles to check the compliance of your configuration you might get the following failures against the host profile. The message persists after applying a profile and rebooting the ESXi Host:compliance-error-cim-xml

Found extra CIM-XML Indication Subscription on local system for query SELECT * FROM CIM_ProcessIndication sent to destination https://[URL]
Found extra CIM-XML Indication Subscription on local system for query SELECT * FROM CIM_AlertIndication sent to destination https://[URL]

This compliance error appears on HP Hardware when HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) is in use. The URL is different for each system, so the host profile can not be applied. To get rid of the message you have to disable CIM Indication Subscriptions in the Host Profile Configuration

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