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How to silence VMware vSAN Health Checks

A new feature in vSAN 6.6 is the ability to silence Health Checks. In previous versions, it was already possible to disable alerts that are triggered by health checks. Silencing health checks is one step further and enables you to have a clean vSAN health. Silenced checks are displayed with a green checkmark and are marked as "Skipped".

Especially for home labs, where unsupported hardware is used, this is a great feature.

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Manage Virtual SAN 5.5 with RVC - Complete Guide

This is a comprehensive guide to manage your VMware Virtual SAN with the Ruby vSphere Console. RVC is an interactive command line tool to control your platform. If you are new to RVC, make sure to read the Getting Started with Ruby vSphere Console Guide. All commands are from the latest vSphere 5.5 Update2 release.

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vSphere Mobile Watchlist - VM Administration for Andorid and iOS

VMware has just published a new App for Andorid and iOS: vSphere Mobile Watchlist. The App which has been announced at the last VMware Partner Exchange 2014 allows to monitor your virtual machines in your vSphere infrastructure remotely on your phone. I've tested the app on my HTC One to see how powerful it is.


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Manage VSAN 5.5 with RVC Part 5 – Observer

Part 5, the last part, of the "Manage VSAN with RVC" series covers only one command: VSAN Observer. Observer is a powerful command that gathers performance related metrics down to the physical disks. Statistics can be exported in JSON, saved as HTML or directly viewed from a web browser.

  • vsan.observer

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Manage VSAN 5.5 with RVC Part 4 – Troubleshooting

Part 4 of the "Manage VSAN with RVC" series covers commands that are useful to troubleshoot VSAN configurations. The commands can measures performance metrics and fix configuration issues:

  • vsan.obj_status_report
  • vsan.check_state
  • vsan.fix_renamed_vms
  • vsan.reapply_vsan_vmknic_config
  • vsan.vm_perf_stats


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Manage VSAN 5.5 with RVC Part 3 – Object Management

Part 3 of the "Manage VSAN with RVC" series explains commands related to VSAN objects. This commands provide an insight on how VSAN works. You can identify the status of objects and where they are located:

  • vsan.disks_info
  • vsan.disks_stats
  • vsan.cmmds_find
  • vsan.vm_object_info
  • vsan.disk_object_info
  • vsan.object_info
  • vsan.object_reconfigure


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Manage VSAN 5.5 with RVC Part 2 – VSAN Cluster Administration

Part 2 of the "Manage VSAN with RVC" series explains commands related to VSAN cluster administration tasks. This commands are required to gather informations about ESXi hosts and the cluster itself. They also provide important informations when you want to maintain your VSAN cluster:

  • vsan.host_info
  • vsan.cluster_info
  • vsan.check_limits
  • vsan.whatif_host_failures
  • vsan.enter_maintenance_mode
  • vsan.resync_dashboard


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Manage VSAN 5.5 with RVC Part 1 - Basic Configuration Tasks

The "Manage VSAN with RVC" series explains how to use Ruby vSphere Console command line to control your VSAN environment. The first part explains basic configuration tasks that are required for the initial setup:

  • vsan.enable_vsan_on_cluster
  • vsan.disable_vsan_on_cluster
  • vsan.apply_license_to_cluster
  • vsan.host_consume_disks
  • vsan.cluster_set_default_policy
  • vsan.host_wipe_vsan_disks

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Ruby vSphere Console Namespace Diagram

Ruby vSphere Console (RVC) is a new interactive object oriented command line utility. The vSphere inventory is presented as a tree structure. It is a new tool allowing you to do basic administrative tasks more efficiently. To get an overview I've created a diagram containing all namespaces. I hope it can help you to get an overview of the command tree.


SPBM RVC namespace - NoMethodError: undefined method 'RetrieveServiceContent'

The latest VSAN Beta Refresh includes a new Ruby vSphere Console (RVC) namespace to manage VM Storage Policies. The SPBM (Storage Policy Based Management) called namespaces does not work out of the box. It crashes when you want to query the available policies or check for compliance.

/localhost/Hamburg> spbm.check_compliance ~/vms/vma.virten.lab/
NoMethodError: undefined method `RetrieveServiceContent' for PbmServiceInstance("ServiceInstance"):RbVmomi::VIM::PbmServiceInstance

rvc-spbm-errorThis problem can be solved by updating RVC to the latest version.

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