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HP Proliant N40L Temperature

While doing some stress tests i monitored the temperature of my HP N40L. The N40L mainboard has 3 sensors: CPU, Nothbridge and Ambient. The room where the servers are located has a temperature of 20°C. Surprisingly the fan speed did not change, even at full load.

Here are my results:

CPU: 34°C
North Bridge: 37°C
Ambient: 21°C

Moderate Load (Both CPUs at 50% and some harddrive activity):
CPU: 42°C
North Bridge: 38°C
Ambient: 22°C

Full Load:
CPU: 51°C
North Bridge: 39°C
Ambient: 23°C

2 thoughts on “HP Proliant N40L Temperature”

    1. I don't know why you can't get more temperatures with sensors. I can see three values using both, the Remote Access Card and the vSphere Client (Health Status).

      Do you have a RAC to check if you can get three sensors there?

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