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VCAP5-DCD - What's new?

The new VMware Certified Advanced Professional 5 Datacenter Design (VCAP5-DCD / VDCD510) Certification is now live. There is much new stuff with vSphere 5, but also the design process has changed. I was pleasantly surprised that there is a much of ITIL standardization in the new exam. As i come from the cisco world, i am already familiar with ITIL and the PPDIOO methodology. So while studying for the old VDCD410 exam i was a little bit surprised at the new design methodology VMware uses. Now with the VDCD510 exam the design process ich much more like ITIL, i think this is a good idea.

As the old exam there are no course requirements. There only requirement is a VCP5 status. Until August 17, 2012  if you are currently holding a VCAP4-DCD there are no additional requiremnts. Pass the VCAP5-DCD and achieve both, VCP5 and VCAP5-DCD.

I have worked through the VDCD510 Exam Blueprint to find the differences between the old and the new exam. As this is not a technical exam and the blueprint has been completely rewritten, it is not trivial to compare both, but i tried to extract the new stuff out of the blueprint as best as i can.

Logical Design
All design processes are now much more ITIL related. So knowledge about creating a Service Catalog is now part of the exam.

The new exam now covers Exchange Version 2010 and a completely new product: Enterprise Java. VMware now offers much more ressources for application virtualization which can be found here.

Map Service Dependencies
Timekeeping is no longer part of the exam.

Build Manageability Requirements
Building manageability requirements is now much more complex. Make yourself familiar with Operational Readiness Assessment.

Physical Storage Design
Beside the ITIL methodology the most new stuff has come with the physical storage design. There are much new features like VASA, Storage Policies, Storage DRS, Storage Tiering and the new vSphere Storage Appliance.

Configuration Maximums
One of the most important part every VMware Architect shouild know are the Configuration Maximums. Of course, there are many changes in vSphere 5, so you should memorise the new Configuration Maximums.

Additional New Features

  • Auto Deploy
  • Deploying Anti-Virus Solutions (VMware vShield Endpoint)
  • vCenter Server Virtual Appliance

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