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VDCD510 Objective 1.2 – Gather and analyze application requirements

This section is really much about best practices and use cases. VMware offers a bunch of documents which are a little bit overkill for the exam, and to complex to memorize. So my advice for the exam is to skim through the documents and memorize the basics. If you have a real world project, this is also a great ressource to gather deep knowledge. The purpose of this section is to give a brief technical overview. Please refer to the resource in the Tools section for more details. A registration is required to download the application kits, but it's free.

The requirements should be documented in the same way as the business requirements.

VCAP5-DCD Exam Blueprint v1.1

Skills and Abilities

  • Given a scenario, gather and analyze application requirements
  • Given a set of applications within a physical environment, determine the requirements for virtualization.
  • Gather information needed in order to identify application dependencies.
  • Given one or more application requirements, determine the impact of the requirements on the design.


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