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VDCD510 Objective 1.3 – Determine Risks, Constraints, and Assumptions

This are very common project parts which are not related to VMware or virtualisation. If you are familar with project management this terms should be known.

Requirements are the things that the project must achieve. This could be business or technical requirements. They are the detailed view of the Objectives the Project must deliver. Only a clearly defined list can avoid ambiguities durin the design process. The characteristics of good requirements are: verifiable, traceable, feasible, specific and unambiguous.

  • Must comply with ISO standards
  • The service uptime must be at a minumum of 99,9%
  • Users must be able deploy new virtual machine

Assumptions are factors considered to be true without proof in the planning phase.

  • Equipment will be available at a certain date
  • The organisation has sufficent network bandwidth
  • Stakeholders will make a decistion in the next meeting
  • Server hardware has to be separated between dmz and internal servers

Constraints could be a business policy or a technical limitation that is limiting the design choice.

  • The project has to be finished in 4 month
  • The total cost must not exceed $500.000
  • The hardware vendor has to been xxx

Risks might prevent achieving the project goals. They are a common point within every project as anything can happen during the project. Clearly identify and list every risk that might prevent further progress.

  • User commitment could be a problem in every project
  • Single point of failures in the existing environment
  • The most common risk is that the project being delivered late

VCAP5-DCD Exam Blueprint v1.1

Skills and Abilities

  • Differentiate between the general concepts of a risk, a requirement, a constraint, and an assumption.
  • Given a statement, determine whether it is a risk, requirement, a constraint, or an assumption.
  • Analyze impact of VMware best practices to identified risks, constraints, and assumptions.


3 thoughts on “VDCD510 Objective 1.3 – Determine Risks, Constraints, and Assumptions”

    1. Yes, indeed it could be a documented requirement. But it's also possible that separating servers has never been discussed which makes it an assumption. It's sometimes ambiguous.

  1. Hi Mate,

    Thanks much for putting this together, wanted to check if the following would come under requirements (non-functional)
    •The project has to be finished in 4 month
    •The total cost must not exceed $500.000

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