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VDCD510 Objective 2.4 – Build Manageability Requirements into the Logical Design

Identify Infrastructure Qualities
We have already covered infrastructure qualities in objective 2.3. To recall them, here is a short overview:

Availability is the ability of a system or service to perform its required function when required. It is usually calculated as a percentage like 99,9%.
Manageability describes the expense of running the system. If you have a huge platform that is managed by a tiny team the operational costs are very low.
Performance is the measure of what is delivered by a system. This accomplishment is usually measured against known standards of speed completeness and speed.
Recoverability describes the ability to return a system or service to a working state. This is usually required after a system failure and repair.
Security is the process of ensuring that services are used in an appropriate way.

Event, Incident and Problem Management
This concept is related to the well known ITIL standard.

Event: A change of state which might have an influence for the management of a service or system
Incident: An event which is not part of the standard operation. It might cause a service disruption or reduce the productivity.
Problem: The cause of one or more incidents. Problems are usually identified because of multiple incidents.

Please note that an incident might give a hint to the investigation of a Problem, but never become a Problem. Even if the incident is elevated to the 2nd level, it remains an incident. The problem management might manage the resolution of the incident when the incident can only be closed by solving the Problem.

Change Management
The change management process is responsible for controlling the lifecycle of all changes. Changes are defined as the addition, modification or removal of anything that could have an effect to services or systems. The primary objective of change management is to enable beneficial changes to be made, with minimum disruption.

VCAP5-DCD Exam Blueprint v1.1


  • KnowledgeUnderstand what management services are provided by VMware solutions.
  • Identify and differentiate infrastructure qualities (Availability, Manageability, Performance, Recoverability, Security)

Skills and Abilities

  • Build interfaces to existing operations practices into the logical design
  • Address identified operational readiness deficiencies
  • Define Event, Incident and Problem Management practices
  • Define Release Management practices
  • Determine Request Fulfillment processes
  • Design Service Asset and Configuration Management (CMDB) systems
  • Define Change Management processes
  • Based on customer requirements, identify required reporting assets and processes


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