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VMware WSX TP2 with Windows 8 and Android

VMware has released the second Workstation Technology Preview including better WSX performance. I want to give WSX another try with Android and Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

The WSX Server now comes as independent installation package which is really nice. I could install the package inside an Ubuntu 12.04 box without any problems. But when i try to start the WSX Server i got an error:

root@wsx:~# /etc/init.d/vmware-wsx-server start
.: 26: Can't open /vmware/scripts/

According to the documentation this startupscript should work, but in my case it didn't. If you have similar issues, you can run the wsx server from the binaries directory:

root@wsx:~# /usr/bin/vmware-wsx-server
[I 120624 00:08:38 server:53] Listening on port 8888

The WSX Server works great. As the author stated here, the support for Android lacks a little bit. I was able to connect to the WSX Server with my Samsung Galaxy Tab (Andorid 2.3.6) but there were some input issues. But it's great to see that they are working in this section.

VMware WSX Server also works with Windows 8 Customer Preview:


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