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Storage vMotion / dvSwitch patch released (but manual fix required)

VMware vCenter 5.0 U1a has been released. This patch has a permanent fix for the Storage vMotion/dvSwitch bug which caused HA to fail in a few cases after a hardware failure. I've tested the Update in my Homelab. The fix works as expected and enables the vCenter to move the dvSwitch port information to the appropriate datastore during Storage vMotion. But there is a little limitation: The patch prevents virtual machines from getting affected, but it does not fix currently affected virtual machines. This means that you still have to fix affected virtual machines after installation.

  1. Backup vCenter Server Database
  2. Install vCenter Server 5.0.0 U1a (Build 757163)
  3. Fix affected virtual machines using one of the Scripts below

VMware also released a patch for their ESXi Hypervisor, which made 768111 the current version.

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