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VDCD510 Objective 2.6 – Build Recoverability Requirements into the Logical Design

During the business continuity plan creation it is necessary to define the key metrics of recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO). These two terms are used to define how fast a backup can be restored and the amount of data loss.

Recovery Time Objective (RTO): The time it takes to recover from a data loss event. This is the amount of time while the systems or service is unavailable.

Recovery Point Objective (RPO): The amount of time between backups. Leads to the possible amount of data loss.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Disaster recovery refers to previously defined steps taken by administrators to resume services or systems after a disaster event.

Business continuity is a high level overview of processes to ensure that an organization can resume their business after a disaster.

VMware offers a great free course about this topic: DRBC Design - Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Fundamentals

VCAP5-DCD Exam Blueprint v1.1


  • Understand what recoverability services are provided by VMware solutions.
  • Identify and differentiate infrastructure qualities (Availability, Manageability, Performance, Recoverability, Security)
  • Differentiate Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery concepts.
  • Describe and differentiate between RTO and RPO

Skills and Abilities

  • Given specific RTO and RPO requirements, build these requirements into the logical design.
  • Given recoverability requirements, identify the services that will be impacted and provide a recovery plan for impacted services.
  • Given specific regulatory compliance requirements, build these requirements into the logical design.
  • Based on customer requirements, identify applicable site failure / site recovery use cases.
  • Determine recoverability component of SLAs and service level management processes.
  • Based on customer requirements, create a data retention policy.


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