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vSphere Build Number Release History - PDF Format

I really like tables because you can visualize everythng better. If you know this blog I am sure that you already know my ESXi and ESX build lists. I've just updated both and published another table: Configuration Maximums, that is a comparison between all configuration maximums since ESX 1.

Another cool document I want to share is my VMware vSphere Release and Build Number History PDF Format. I'm often sitting in front of an ESXi Host thinking "Oh, wich version was that build number please? And when has it been patched the last time?". This list really helps me out. Feel free to print and share!

I am going to keep this list up to date. Please subscribe if you always want to have the latest version.

2 thoughts on “vSphere Build Number Release History - PDF Format”

    1. I know. This is because there is no consistent source for patch numbers. Some VI3 patches are missing in the KB, so i counted the patches by myself. There is also no patch numbering in VMwares patch database. As far as i know only the Updates are officially numbered.

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