VCDX Worldmap

A few weeks ago VMware published a World Map showing all countries with VCDX certified individuals. The VCDX (VMware Certified Design Expert) is the highest level of VMware certification. This certification program is designed for highly-skilled professionals who demonstrated their expertise in VMware virtual infrastructure. I think the map is a great idea, but I was also interested in the amount of VCDX per country, so i gathered these information to create a map and some more interesting facts.

Please note that this is not an authoritative directory or anything comparable. This is just a snapshot of todays (December 2012) published VCDX List delivered by VMware. Some information might be outdated. The only one authoritative VCDX Directory can be found here.

VCDX Worldmap


VCDX Facts (December 2012)

  • The total Number of VCDX certified individuals is 105
  • The country with the highest VCDX density is San Marino (1 out of 32.300) followed by Luxembourg (1 out of 500.000) and Singapore (3 out of 5.300.000)
  • Almost half of all VCDXs (49,5%) reside in the United States
  • 45% of all VCDX certified individuals work for VMware
  • The country with the most VCDX certified individuals outside United States is Australia (9)
  • Beside VMware, EMC and IBM are the companies with the most VCDXs (3)

VCDX Count Timeline


Number of VCDX per Country

United States 52
Australia 9
Netherlands 8
United Kingdom 8
Germany 8
Singapore 3
Canada 3
Czech Republic 2
Belgium 2
South Africa 2
San Marino 1
Luxembourg 1
New Zealand 1
Sweden 1
Austria 1
Italy 1
Russian Federation 1
Brazil 1


VCDX Density per Country (Top 5)

San Marino 0,0030960% (1 out of 32.300)
Luxembourg 0,0002000% (1 out of 500.000)
Singapore 0,0000566% (3 out of 5.300.000)
Netherlands 0,0000479% (8 out of 16.700.000)
Australia 0,0000409% (9 out of 22.000.000)


Companies with more than one VCDX

VMware 47
Accenture 2
Virtustream 2
Cisco 2
IT Partners 2



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