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Past Year Resume - vExpert 2013

Today i have been notified that i was awarded by VMware as a vExpert 2013 for my contributions to the community. The VMware vExpert status shows that the awardee is actively involved in helping and providing information and knowledge to the community. This is not a certification that can be achieved by passing an exam.


Congratulation to all the other 580 vExperts in the world and especially the 17 other vExperts in Germany.

This recognition gives me occasion to resume some highs that happened in the past year:

  • Awarded as VMware vExpert 2013
  • annual top virtualization blog voting Place 60 out of 243
  • Linked at Wikipedia
  • Linked at VMware Knowledge Base
  • My Blog has been visited by 184 distinct countries (There are 206 in total)

What's next?
I have many great topics in the pipeline so make sure to follow if you don't want to miss anything. Next to come is a simple cut & paste tool to interpret and create a chart out of vscsiStat output. (Contact me if you are interested in beta-testing)


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