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Match VMware vCenter 5.1 Component Versions

With the separation of the vCenter Service into 4 components in vSphere 5.1 (vCenter Single Sign On, vCenter Inventory Service, vCenter Server and vSphere Web Client) there is a possible issue that you could have mismatched services installed. When you install an update you have to install all components one after another without having a workflow to check that all have been updated. I have already written about the update process from 5.1 to 5.1u1 and their versions but this is not the only update available. Now I've created an overview of all possible vCenter 5.1 version numbers that can be identified in the Control Panel.

Installer Build Number is the build number that is mentioned on the downloaded installation package
vCenter Build Number is the build number that you can see from vSphere Client or vSphere Web Client
All the other numbers are versions displayed at Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features

vCenter 5.1 Version Overview

5.1.0 GA5.1.0a5.1.0b5.1.0 U15.1.0 U1a5.1.0 U1b
Installer Build Number799735880471947939106515211239661235309
vCenter Build Number799731880146947673106498311239611235232
vCenter Single Sign On1.0.0.24911.0.0.29451.0.0.32791.0.0.42811.0.0.45431.0.0.4732
VMware vCenter Inventory Service5.1.0.327435.1.0.337625.1.0.344605.1.0.355395.1.0.360985.1.0.37189
VMware vCenter Server5.1.0.327435.1.0.337625.1.0.344605.1.0.355395.1.0.360985.1.0.37189
VMware vSphere Client5.1.0.15575.1.0.17675.1.0.20835.1.0.26695.1.0.26695.1.0.3045
VMware vSphere Web Client5.1.0.62395.1.0.71575.1.0.78175.1.0.90155.1.0.90155.1.0.9367
VMware vSphere Update Manager5.1.0.130715.1.0.130715.1.0.130715.1.0.152385.1.0.152385.1.0.15238
VMware vSphere ESXi Dump Collector5.1.0.31715.1.0.34155.1.0.36045.1.0.46245.1.0.46245.1.0.4624
VMware vSphere Syslog Collector5.1.0.31715.1.0.34155.1.0.36045.1.0.46245.1.0.46245.1.0.4624
VMware vSphere Auto Deploy5.1.0.31715.1.0.34155.1.0.36045.1.0.46245.1.0.46245.1.0.4624
VMware vSphere Authentication Proxy5.1.0.31715.1.0.34155.1.0.36045.1.0.46245.1.0.46245.1.0.4624
VMware vCenter Orchestrator5.1.0.27255.1.0.27255.1.0.27255.1.1.29425.1.1.29425.1.1.2980

I've also added this table to my VMware vCenter Release and Build Number History

Note: I've never faced or heard of issues with mismatched versions. But at least to resolve all fixed issues you should always update all components.

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