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VCP Certification Expiration - Check your transcript!

After some major changes to VMware certifications in the last month, VMware has announced a new important change: VCP-level certifications will expire after 2 years. The policy is effective as of March 10, 2014. If you current VCP is older than one year, you have to re-certify until March 10, 2015.


As you might noticed in the past, there was a change to the VCP Certification logo a few month ago. Instead of the version (VMware Certified Professional 2/3/4/5), the new logo shows the area of certification (VMware Certified Professional - Data Center Virtualization / Cloud / End User Computing).


When you are currently a VCP 3, you are still a VCP but for an outdated version. It seems that VMware tries to simplify the process of identifying certification holders. The introduced expiration goes one step further: You recertify for a current version, or you are no longer a VCP.

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