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VSAN - What does CLOM, OSFS and CMMDS stand for?

With the release of VMware Virtual SAN we have several new acronyms and abbreviations. What does they stand for? I've created a shot list about all abbreviations that might arise around VSAN:

  • CMMDS - Cluster Monitoring, Membership, and Directory Service
  • CLOMD - Cluster Level Object Manager Daemon
  • OSFSD - Object Storage File System Daemon
  • CLOM - Cluster Level Object Manager
  • OSFS - Object Storage File System
  • RDT - Reliable Datagram Transport
  • VSANVP - Virtual SAN Vendor Provider
  • SPBM - Storage Policy-Based Management
  • UUID - Universally unique identifier
  • SSD - Solid-State Drive
  • MD - Magnetic disk
  • VSA - Virtual Storage Appliance
  • RVC - Ruby vSphere Console

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