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VMware Virtual SAN General Availability Announced

At VMworld 2013, VMware announced the public beta of its Software-defined Storage platform Virtual SAN. Today at the VMware NOW - Virtual SAN Special Online Event the final release date for Virtual SAN 1.0 was announced. Virtual SAN will be released in a few days, together with vSphere 5.5 Update 1. Unfortunately, there are still no pricing information.


Facts from VMware NOW - Virtual SAN Special Online Event

  • Virtual SAN 1.0 GA is going to be released next week (Starting 10th of March)
  • VSAN will be released with vSphere 5.5 Update 1
  • VSAN will be fully supported and can be used in production
  • The cluster size has been increased to 32 hosts, which is the well-known vSphere cluster limit
  • Benchmarks have reached 2 Million IOPS (32 node Cluster)
  • VSAN can scale up to 4.4 PB (35 disks x 32 hosts)
  • VSAN supports 3200 Virtual Machines
  • VSAN supports VMware Horizon
  • VSAN supports vSphere Replication
  • VSAN supports vSphere Data Protection
  • Server platforms from HP, IBM, Dell, Fujitsu and Cisco are certified with VSAN

There were no information about pricing or licensing at VMware NOW.


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