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What's new in vSphere 6? - VMworld 2014 News

The next version of vSphere is currently in public beta state. While the beta is still under NDA, VMware has announced some features at their VMworld 2014 conference:

  • Multi-CPU Fault Tolerance
  • vMotion Enhancements (Cross vCenter, long distance, NSX)
  • Virtual Datacenters
  • Virtual Volumes

Multi-CPU Fault Tolerance
Fault Tolerance is going to support virtual machines with 4 vCPUs and 64GB of RAM. The SMP-FT called feature uses a fast checkpointing mechanism to keep primary and secondary VMs in sync. Fast checkpointing replaces the Record/Replay technology that was previously used.

vMotion Enhancements
Through vSphere 5.5, vMotion was limited to the vCenter/Datacenter boundary. With vSphere 6.0 vMotion can migrate Virtual Machines across vCenters, virtual switches and routed networks.

Virtual Datacenters
vSphere 6.0 goes one step further than resource Pools. A Virtual Datacenter aggregates CPU, Memory, Storage and Network resources.

Virtual Volumes
vVols is a new approach on how storage is deployed, managed and consumed by making the storage VM-centric. Currently we have storage that is LUN- or Volume-centric. VVols makes storage VM-centric by making the storage arrays aware of individual VMDK files.


vSphere 6 is currently in a public beta. Everyone can register and test out upcoming features.


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