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vCenter Server 5.5 January 2015 Update (5.5 U2d)

VMware has published an update for vCenter Server 5.5.

Product: VMware vCenter Server 5.5
Release date: January 27, 2015
Version: 5.5 Update 2d
Build (Windows): 2442329
Build (Installer): 2442328
Build (Appliance): 2442330

The Update resolves 16 issues including the following:

  • VMware Directory Service memory consumption bug in a SSO multi site replication environment.
  • Virtual machines that have their NICs in a disconnected state during vMotion might end up with corrupted configuration. When trying to reconnect the NICs, the following error is displayed:

    Invalid Configuration Device 0

  • Russian Time Zone changes (248-FZ) have been implemented.
  • vCenter Performance degration due to massive vpxd logging.
  • The Storage Monitoring Service fails to initialize and displays an error while accessing the Storage View tab in vCenter Server.
  • Datastore browser in vSphere Web Client does not overwrite existing files.
  • The default behavior of DRS has been changed to make the feature less aggressive during cluster upgrade. KB2104983

Full List: Release Notes

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2 thoughts on “vCenter Server 5.5 January 2015 Update (5.5 U2d)”

  1. You have one blog entry stating how to update a 5.1 vCenter Server instance. Is the process pretty much the same to go from vCenter server 5.5 update 1b to this update (2d)?

    Something like this?:

    Update vCenter Single Sign On
    Update VMware vCenter Inventory Service
    Update VMware vCenter Server
    Update VMware vSphere Web Client
    Update VMware vSphere Update Manager

    I assume we should backup the database first. Any other gotchas or is it pretty much a straight forward "run the msi's" type of deal? Thanks!

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