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How to Join AD Domain in vCenter Server Appliance 6.0 (vCSA)

In vSphere 6.0 the vCenter Server Appliance (vCSA) has been changed a lot. Joining an Active Directory Domain is now included in the infrastructure node configuration which is part of the Platform Services Controller. Please note standard AD requirements like time synchronisation and naming. You can't join an AD if you've set an IP address as name during the VCSA guided installer.

  1. Open vSphere Web Client (https://[vcenter]/vsphere-client)
  2. Login as Single Sign-On Administrator (Password set during installation)
  3. Navigate to Administration > Deployment > System Configuration
    vsphere60-web-client-administration vsphere60-web-client-system-configuration
  4. Open Nodes and select the infrastructure node that is associated with Single Sign-On
  5. Navigate to Manage > Advanced > Active Directory
  6. Click Join...
  7. Enter AD domain information
  8. Press OK
  9. Reboot the Appliance

When the appliance comes back up it is now part of the Active Directory Domain. The next step is to configure the AD as identity source to login to the vCenter with AD credentials.


8 thoughts on “How to Join AD Domain in vCenter Server Appliance 6.0 (vCSA)”

  1. Thanks for posting this, however it is not working for me.
    I've added the server to our domain, and it adds the computer in AD, but vcenter does not show up as being in a domain once rebooted. It's as if the system doesn't finish the process. Any thoughts on this or suggestions on where I can look to troubleshoot further?

  2. I have the same. Did a domain join with the PSC UI. One of the two PSC is shown in VC as joined. The second does not show up.
    Since the PSC itself shows the domain and the computer account exist in AD, how to convince the VC to show it correctly?

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  4. Guys,

    I've had the same issue with VCSA 6.0 u2 , I was unable to join this Domain using GUI then, I tried using SSH of VCSA using domain joined command, it was successful.
    However when I tried to add Identity sources it was still showing VCSA need to be joined in Domain.

    I think its an issue with VCSA 6.0 U2 3634794 build, When I tried same thing in U3 version it went well without any issues.. I have spent hell lot of hours to identify the issue

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