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vSphere 6.0 GA - vSphere Client back, or not?

One of the worst parts of the vSphere 6 Beta was definitely this error message:

VMware promised to give it back in the GA release:

"vSphere C# Client beta builds had only host client functionality enabled. With the GA build, you can use the vSphere C# Client to connect to vCenter to do all activities just the way you would have done with previous releases. However, all new features from vSphere 5.1 onwards are available only in vSphere web client."

But is it really back?

After quickly deploying vSphere 6.0 GA bits for the first time, it got the same message:

Well...if you see this message with a GA release too, you better get rid of your RC vSphere Client :-)

There is a "little" gotcha. If you have a Beta or RC version of the vSphere Client installed, it does not ask for an update automatically. You have to install it manually.

Download: Download vSphere Client for Windows
Or use One-Click Install


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