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NSX 6.2.3 with Free Log Insight Entitlement released

VMware has release an update for their network virtualization platform NSX. Together with some minor changes to the product itself, VMware announced that all users with a NSX 6.2.3 (and beyond) license are now entitled to vRealize Log Insight for NSX at no additional charge.

What's new in VMware NSX 6.2.3

  • vRealize Log Insight Entitlement (FAQ)
  • Default VXLAN Port changed to 4789/UDP (Previous port number was 8472/UDP)
  • NSX Hardware Layer 2 Gateway Integration
  • New Edge DHCP options for static routes, PXE Boot and MTU configuration
  • Edge Firewall adds SYN flood protection (Usable with NSX REST API only)
  • On Demand Failover for NSX Edges
  • NSX Edge Upgrade Behavior changed (Parallel deployment)
  • Flexible SNAT / DNAT rule creation (DNAT can be an unused IP address)
  • NSX Dashboard including overall health status
  • vSphere 6.5 VIBs are included with the NSX Manager

Upgrade Procedure

If you are not familiar with the NSX upgrade process, the documentation is located here. Here is a shot recap of the process which is pretty straight forward:

  1. Check Prerequisites / Backup / Understand the operational impact!
  2. Upgrade NSX Manager from its Web Interface
  3. Restart vCenter Server Web Client service
  4. Upgrade NSX Controller Cluster
  5. Upgrade ESXi Host VIB packages
  6. Change VXLAN Port from 8472/UDP to 4789/UDP to align with IANA port assignment
  7. Upgrade NSX Edges
  8. Upgrade Guest Introspection

When you see something like this after the NSX Manager upgrade, this is typically a client issue and not related to NSX Manager or the vCenter Server:

Cannot navigate to the desired location.
Error details: An error occurred while activating extension com.vmware.vshield.plugin.common.networksecurity.dashboardHome.navigateView.
Class not found 'com.vmware.vshield.plugin.common.networkingsecurity.ui.dashboard.view.DashboardView' in module /vsphere-client/vshield-networkingsecurity-ui/NetworkingSecurityModule.swf


null could not be created: Class not found 'com.vmware.vshield.plugin.common.networkingsecurity.ui.dashboard.view.DashboardView' in module /vsphere-client/vshield-networkingsecurity-ui/NetworkingSecurityModule.swf

Close all browser windows and clear browser cache should resolve the issue.

4 thoughts on “NSX 6.2.3 with Free Log Insight Entitlement released”

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    1. I didn't see any official statements but the download is gone for me too. Would assume that this related to the nasty DFW issue. Maybe there is a fixed version soon. I will keep you informed when I hear anything...

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