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VMware vCenter Server Appliance 6.5 (vCSA) Enhancements

migrate2vcsavCenter Server Virtual Appliance (vCSA) is the future. If you are still running the Windows-based vCenter, it's time to migrate to the appliance with vSphere 6.5.

Since vSphere 6.0, the appliance offers the same feature and scale as the windows based vCenter. vSphere 6.5 adds an X-Large deployment size, the update manager and a fully supported migration assistant to the appliance.

VCSA6 Enhancements

  • Supports up to 2000 ESXi Hosts and 35.000 Virtual Machines
  • Guided Installer (Interactive Installer, instead of OVF Template)
  • Robust deployment (Separate Deployment and Configuration to prevent failed deployments
  • Migration Assistant (Migrate vCenter Server 5.5 or 6.0 for Windows to vCenter Server Appliance)
  • Native High Availability
  • VMware Update Manager
  • Built-In Backup+Restore
  • Improved Appliance Management
  • HTML5-based vSphere Client
  • Photon OS (Replaces SUSE Enterprise 11)

VCSA 6.0 Deployment Sizes:

# Hosts# VMsVCSA vCPUVCSA MemoryVCSA Disk (Default)VCSA Disk (Large)VCSA Disk (X-Large)
Tiny10100210 GB250 GB775 GB1650 GB
Small1001000416 GB290 GB820 GB1700 GB
Medium4004000824 GB425 GB925 GB1805 GB
Large1000100001632 GB640 GB990 GB1870 GB
X-Large2000350002448 GB980 GB1030 GB1910 GB

VCSA Configuration Maximum
# Hosts510010002000
# VMs5030001000035000

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