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VMware HCL in JSON Format News and PowerCLI Function

A few month ago I created a VMware HCL in JSON Format. This file should allow you to use the information provided by VMware in their HCL in an automated way. Recently I made some improvements to the JSON HCL and created a working PowerCLI function that can match about 80% of all systems.

Currently, the JSON files are generated every 2-3 days. I also created two filtered versions because the full HCL is very large and contains outdated information:

HCL-Check function
The HCL-Check function is available at GitHub. You can either run it while connected to a vCenter Server and it will check all ESXi hosts, or you can pipe objects to the function:

PS> Check-HCL
PS> Get-Cluster NUCluster |Check-HCL
PS> Get-VMHost esx2.virten.lab |Check-HCL

Here is an example output:

Please note that the script can only match about 80% of all systems that it has been tested against. If the Check-HCL function reports "supported=true" it is very likely that the system is supported, but to be 100% sure always verify with VMware HCL (Link is also included in Check-HCL for each system). If the output is "unknown" the common reason is that I couldn't match the system properly. If that happens, feel free to report Manufacturer, Model and ProcessorType here.

Get-VMHost |select Name,Build,Manufacturer,Model,ProcessorType |Export-Csv hosts.csv -NoTypeInformation

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