7th Gen NUC Remote Management with KVM using vPro AMT

Intel's latest 7th Gen Dawson Canyon NUCs are equipped with AMT vPro Technology. Intel AMT (Active Management Technology) allows remote management including a KVM Console. vPro is available in NUCs with i7 and i5 CPUs. NUCs with i3 CPUs do not have vPro Technology.

7th Gen NUCs with vPro Technology:

  • NUC7i7DNHE
  • NUC7i7DNKE
  • NUC7i5DNHE
  • NUC7i5DNKE

Activation and access to the Remote Console/KVM are a little bit hidden. This post explains how to enable and use the remote management.

  1. Power on the Intel NUC. Press CTRL+P at the splash screen to enter MEBx BIOS.
  2. Change the default password. The default password is "admin". The new password has the comply with the following policies:
    - At least 8 characters
    - At least one digit character (eg. 0, 1, … 9)
    - At least one non-alpha-numeric character (e.g. !, $, ;) excluding colon, comma or quotes.
    - At least one lower-case letter (a, b, c, d...)
    - At least one upper case letter (A, B, C, D,...)
  3. optional: The AMT system uses DHCP to configure an IP Address. If you do not have a DHCP server you can configure a static IP within Intel AMT Configuration > Network Setup > TCP/IP Settings
  4. The Web interface is available at port 16992 (http://<IP>:16992/). Log in once to verify that it is available and properly configured.
  5. Download and extract Intel AMT Software Development SDK
  6. Download and install RealVNC
  7. Open \Windows\Intel_AMT\Bin\KVM\KVMControlApplication.exe from the Intel AMT SDK downloaded previously
  8. Connect to the machine, enter Hostname, Username, Password and open "Machine Settings"
  9. Set KVM status to "Enabled - all ports" and configure an RFB password. The RFB password has to comply with the same policies as mentioned in Step 2 but has to be exactly 8 characters.
  10. You can now use almost any VNC client to connect to the NUC. In this example, I'm using RealVNC.
  1. Hi,

    thanks for posting this - always very helpful.

    So I came across another issue: If you have no external display connected to the nuc, then remote desktop will be just black.

    Seems that this is not fixed by any BIOS update yet.


  2. Hi Mario,

    I found the same issue. To resolve it I've used an HDMI Emulator which is about twice the side of the HDMI port. I paid £6 for two including postage.


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