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NSX-T 3.0 Evaluation - How to Download and get License Key

When you download and deploy NSX-T 3.0, the following message is displayed after login:

Some features are not supported with the Endpoint license. Please upgrade the license to use more supported features.

Unlike ESXi and vCenter, which are automatically running in a fully-featured 60-day evaluation mode after installation, NSX-T requires a license. The non-expiring license which is active by default is called "NSX for vShield Endpoint" and has a limited feature set.

This article explains how to register for an evaluation license and get access to NSX-T product downloads.

  • If you already have an NSX-T (2.x) License, it will work with NSX-T 3.0
  • Plan ahead before starting the evaluation. The evaluation license has an end-date and expires 60 days after registration. You can not get another 60 days by reinstalling NSX-T.
  • It's not the installation that starts 60 days, it's the registration!

How to start your NSX-T 3.0 Evaluation

  1. Go to NSX-T Evaluation Center
  2. Login or create an account
  3. Navigate to License & Download > and click Register
  4. Register for NSX-T. This will require some personal information.
    After registration, you will receive a unique license key and access to the binaries. Please note that the license will expire 60 days after registration.
  5. Download VMware NSX-TPlease note that you get special "Limited Export" binaries for the evaluation. There is no migration or upgrade path between the NSX-T Limited Export version to the full version of NSX-T. If you have access to NSX-T Full Version, you can activate them with the Evaluation license too.

  6. Deploy NSX-T and activate the license (System > Settings > Licenses)

2 thoughts on “NSX-T 3.0 Evaluation - How to Download and get License Key”

  1. Evaluation license is for Limited Export version NSX-T 3.0. Head up, the Limited Export version is what you'll get, so encryption feature (IPsec VPN, L2 VPN, Load Balancer, SSl feature) will be unavailable.

  2. I have a license for the full version of NSX-T. At this moment I am on version 2.5.1 and have no access to the full NSX-T upgrade bundle 3.0.
    What will happen when I use the NSX-T limited export upgrade bundle 3.0 to upgrade from 2.5.1 and assign my own license to it? Will this disclose then all the features of NSX-T 3.0 according the license? I know there is no upgrade path from the NSX-T limited export version to the full version of NSX-T, but is the reverse situation also true?



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