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VMware vSphere 7.0 introduces Cascade Lake EVC Mode

To simplify vMotion across CPU generations VMware has introduced Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC). EVC automatically configures server CPUs with Intel FlexMigration or AMD-V Extended Migration technologies to be compatible with older servers. In vSphere 7.0 a new EVC mode has been introduced.

Intel Cascade Lake Generation
Compared to Intel Skylake EVC mode, the Cascade Lake EVC mode exposes additional CPU features:

  • AVX-512 Vector Neural Network Instructions (AVX512VNNI)
  • The processor is not susceptible to Rogue Data Cache Load (RDCL_NO)
  • Enhanced Indirect Branch Restricted Speculation (IBRS_ALL)
  • The Processor is not susceptible to Microarchitectural Data Sampling (MDS_NO)

CPU Series
The following CPU Series can be configured with EVC Mode Cascade Lake:

  • Intel Xeon Bronze 3200 Series
  • Intel Xeon Silver 4200 Series
  • Intel Xeon Gold 5200 Series
  • Intel Xeon Gold 6200 Series
  • Intel Xeon Platinum 8200 Series

For more information about EVC Modes see Intel CPU EVC Matrix


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