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iPerf3 for ESXi on ARM Fling

When you try to run iPerf3 on ESXi Arm Edition, the following message is displayed:

[root@esxipi1:~] /usr/lib/vmware/vsan/bin/iperf3
/usr/lib/vmware/vsan/bin/iperf3: line 2: syntax error: unexpected "("

The version of iPerf3 that comes with the Fling is not compiled for arm64. The solution is simple, just use an iPerf3 version + library that is compiled for arm64. If you don't want to compile it yourself, feel free to take this:

You have to make the iperf3 executable (chmod +x) and copy the library to /usr/lib64/. The ESXi firewall needs to be disabled for downloading and running iPerf.

Quick fix
Run the following commands:

# esxcli network firewall set --enabled false
# wget -P /opt/
# wget -P /usr/lib64/
# chmod +x /opt/iperf3

You should now be able to run iPerf3:

/opt/iperf3 -s

The solution does not persist a reboot. I'll see if I manage to create a VIB...

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