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Quick Tip: Reset Tanzu SupervisorControlPlaneVM Alarms

When you are working with the Kubernetes Integration in vSphere 7.0, you might come into the situation where the SupervisorControlPlaneVM has an active alarm. Those Virtual Machines are deployed and controlled by the WCP Agent and even as an Administrator, you are not allowed to touch those objects.
You can't power then off, reboot, or migrate them using vMotion. The problem is that you can't even clear alarms. One alarm I recently had was the "vSphere HA virtual machine failover failed" alarm, which you usually see when the ESXi hostd crashed, but the Virtual Machines are still running.

As you can see in the picture above, the options to "Acknowledge" or "Reset To Green" are greyed out. The options are also greyed out in the Monitor > Issues and Alarms > All Issues menu.

In the Monitor > Issues and Alarms > Triggered Alarms section, the reset option is also greyed out, but you can at least acknowledge the alarm.
Now, how can you remove those alarms? It's simple. Open the vCenter Object (the top object from the navigation tree on the left side) and navigate to Monitor > Issues and Alarms > Triggered Alarms. From this object, select the active alarm and click RESET TO GREEN.

The alarm is gone.

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