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10" Rackmount Kit Collection for Intel NUC (3D Printer Models)

In the last 10 years, I've purchased plenty of Intel NUCs to run my VMware home lab. Keeping all the equipment organized can be challenging. With the help of a 3D printer and a 10 Inch rack, I started building custom rackmount kits for my equipment.

The NUC is attached to the cage using two VESA mounting screws on the bottom. Alternatively, it can be fixed with a velcro strap. The front plate has 6 connectors, in which a keystone adapter can be installed. This allows easy access to connectors from the front. Search for “keystone coupler” to find various options.

With the special 1.5U design, you can install two NUCs in 3U without a gap. The mounting screws will perfectly align with the rail, despite being in half position.

This is a two-piece print that is glued together using a rigid triangle-shaped connector. The two-piece design allows for printing without any supports and you are going to have a nice-looking front (with the Prusa Textured PEI Powder-coated Sheet). To fit the front on the Prusa bed, rotate it by 54°.

I recommend printing in PETG because the weight and heat might deform PLA over time. You might also want to increase the bed temperature if you have problems with the edges lifting up (The edges of the print bed are usually about 5-10°C cooler).

12th Gen Intel NUC

  • 13th Gen Arena Canyon (AN)
  • 12th Gen Wall Street Canyon (WS)
  • 11th Gen Tiger Canyon (TN)

10th Gen Intel NUC

  • 11th Gen Panther Canyon (PA)
  • 10th Gen Frost Canyon (FN)

8th Gen Intel NUC

  • 8th Gen Bean Canyon (BE)
  • 8th Gen Provo Canyon (PN)

7th Gen Intel NUC

  • 7th Gen Baby Canyon (BN)
  • 7th Gen Dawson Canyon (DN)

ASRock Industrial NUC Box

  • ASRock Industrial 1100 Series
  • ASRock Industrial 1200 Series
  • ASRock Industrial 1300 Series
  • ASRock Industrial Ryzen 5000U Series
  • ASRock Industrial Ryzen 7000U Series

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