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ESXi 6.0 October 2015 "NETDEV WATCHDOG" Patch (Build 3073146)

VMware has published a patch for ESXi 6.0

Product: VMware ESXi 6.0
Release date: October 6, 2015
Patch: ESXi600-201510001
Build: 3073146
Links: KB2132152 | Download

The ESXi Installable has also been replaced with ESXi 6.0 Update 1a:

The update resolves a critical network issue with the following symptoms:Read More »ESXi 6.0 October 2015 "NETDEV WATCHDOG" Patch (Build 3073146)

VMware vSphere 6.0 Update 1 Released

VMware has just released vSphere 6.0 Update 1. Together with the Updates, the following products were released today:

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Read More »VMware vSphere 6.0 Update 1 Released

VMware ESXi 6.0 - Unsupported Hardware (All Vendors)

hcl-60-300x250-full-listDouble check your vendor support when updating ESXi hosts from VMware vSphere 5.5 to 6.0. There are a lot of systems that are no longer supported. The following servers were supported in 5.5 U2 but are according to the VMware HCL no longer supported in vSphere 6.0.

Your server is listed and you want to upgrade? Don't panic.

  • Not supported does not mean that it does not work.
  • Servers get certified by their vendor, not VMware. If you want a server to get certified, ask your vendor.
  • Did I miss something? Please comment.

Last Update: September 10, 2015

This post contains a sortable and searchable list containing all vendors. It extends the shortlist of widley used servers I maintain since the vSphere 6.0 release.

Read More »VMware ESXi 6.0 - Unsupported Hardware (All Vendors)

VMware VCP6-DCV Delta Exam Differences

VMwares exams for their latest VMware Certified Professional 6 Data Center Virtualization (VCP6-DVC) certification are available in 2 weeks. If you are already certified, VMware makes it easier to upgrade to the latest version. Without any further requirements, you can register for the VCP6 Delta Exam. Please remember that VCP-level certifications will expire after 2 years.

First available appointment for both exams is August 30, 2015.

Read More »VMware VCP6-DCV Delta Exam Differences

Which Performance Counters are available in each Statistic Level?

vcenter-no-data-availableWhen analysing performance metrics in the vSphere Web Client (Monitor > Performance) or in the vSphere Client (Performance Tab) you might have seen the following messages instead of performance graphs:

"No data available"

"Data is not collected for the current statistics level. Increase the statistics level to view the graph."

Statistic parameters are "Interval Duration" and "Statistics Level". This is what you configure in the vCenter Server settings:

Interval Duration determines the frequency at which statistics are stores:

  • Realtime (20 seconds), save for 1 hour - not configurable, all metrics available
  • 5 minutes, save for X days
  • 30 minutes, save for X weeks
  • 2 hours, save for X month
  • 1 day, save for X month

Statistic Level determines the amount of data gathered and which counters are available for displayed. The default Level 1 stores the fewest metrics, Level 4 stores all metrics supported by the vCenter Server.

With vSphere 6.0, vCenter Server supports 544 metrics but as there are only 4 statistic levels it is not clear what metrics are included in each level. This post helps to understand what metrics are included in each level, and how you can add single metrics to lower levels. This might be helpful if you need single metrics from level 2, but do not want to activate all level 2 metrics.

Please note that changing the collection level beyond level 1 or adding a large number of data counters to collection level 1, might result in a significant reduced performance.

Read More »Which Performance Counters are available in each Statistic Level?

vSphere 6.0 Performance Counter Description

vsphere-6-performance-metricsThis is a list of all available performance metrics that are available in vSphere vCenter Server 6.0. Performance counters can be views for Virtual Machines, Hosts, Clusters, Resource Pools and other objects by opening Monitor > Performance in the vSphere Web Client.

These performance counters can also be used for performance analysis with, or PowerCLI.

Read More »vSphere 6.0 Performance Counter Description

VMware Homelab in 2015 - Systems Revised with vSphere 6

hp-microserver-2.5-ssdIn the past three years I've presented several systems that can be used for VMware Homelabs. Servers for home use are typically not rack based. A good home server is inexpensive, silent and has a low power consumption. In this post I am going to revise the systems presented in previous posts to see how they work with ESXi 6.0:

  • HP Microserver N36L / N40L / N54L
  • HP Microserver Gen8
  • Intel Next Unit of Computing (NUC)
  • Gigabyte BRIX
  • VMware Workstation

Read More »VMware Homelab in 2015 - Systems Revised with vSphere 6

ESXi 6.0 Image for Gigabyte BRIX

The ESXi 6.0 base image provided by VMware does not work with Gigabyte BRIX out of the box. This post explains how to create a customized ESXi 6 ISO for your Gigabyte BRIX. These images can be used to do a fresh install or upgrade a BRIX to VMware ESXi 6.0.brix-pro

The Image works for the following BRIX:

  • GB-BXi3-4010: Intel Core i3-4010U (2x 1.7GHz)
  • GB-BXi5-4200: Intel Core i5-4200U (2x 2.6GHz)
  • GB-BXi7-4500: Intel Core i7-4500U (2x 3.0GHz)
  • GB-BXi3H-4010: Intel Core i3-4010U (2x 1.7GHz)
  • GB-BXi5H-4200: Intel Core i5-4200U (2x 2.6GHz)
  • GB-BXi7H-4500: Intel Core i7-4500U (2x 3.0GHz)
  • GB-BXi5-4570R: Intel Core i5-4570R (4x 3.20 GHz)
  • GB-BXi7-4770R: Intel Core i7-4770R (4x 3.90 GHz)

Read More »ESXi 6.0 Image for Gigabyte BRIX