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Basic Commands for VMware Photon and Docker

photon-logoThis post is a quick collection of commands used to configure VMwares recently released Photon OS, and to get started with Docker.

Photon is a technology preview of a minimal Linux container host. It is designed to have a small footprint and boot extremely quickly on VMware platforms. Photon is intended to invite collaboration around running containerized applications in a virtualized environment.

To get started with Photon, check this post.

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Guide to Install Photon in VMware Workstation and Deploy a Container

photon-logoOn April 20th, 2015, VMware announced Photon, its own container-friendly Linux distribution. Photon is a technology preview of a small footprint Linux container host. It has been released as open source software and is available at GitHub.

This post explains how to install Photon in VMware Workstation, do some basic configuration and implement the first container.

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