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How to Configure LDAPS Authentication in vCenter 7.0

This article explains how to configure LDAPS authentication in vCenter 7.0.
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Heads Up: Nested LDAP Groups Not Working in NSX-T 3.0

When using the new direct LDAP integration in NSX-T 3.0, authentication using nested groups is not working. Example:

  • User "John" is a member of the group "IT Department"
  • Group "IT Department" is member of Group "NSX Admin"
  • Group "NSX Admin" is assigned the Enterprise Admin Role in NSX-T

User "John" can't log in because NSX-T does not search inside nested groups. If you need nested groups to work and there is no workaround, use the vIDM (VMware Identity Manager) appliance.

How to enable LDAP Authentication in NSX-T 3.0

NSX-T 3.0 has added support for authentication using AD or LDAP sources. In previous versions, you had to deploy the vIDM (VMware Identity Manager) appliance to allow external authentication. You can still use vIDM but if you only need NSX-T authentication you can now do it without a sole purpose appliance.

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