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vMotion Fails - "The source detected that the destination failed to resume"

Virtual Machine Migration (DRS or user initiated) fails with the following error message:


A genereal system error occurred: The source detected that the destination failed to resume

Error Stack:
The VM failed to resume on the destination during early power on.
Module DiskEarly power on failed.
Cannot open the disk '/vmfs/volumes/<...>.vmdk' or one of the snapshot disks it depends on.
Could not open/create change tracking file

  1. Check that Virtual Disks are not mounted to the backup host (VDP or other products). Sometimes when the backup fails, the virtual disks are not correctly removed from the backup host.
  2. Consolidate Snapshots (Right Click Virtual Machine > Snapshot > Consolidate)
  3. If the problem still persists, create a snapshot and delete it with the "Delete All" option.

Nagios Check: VMware Virtual Machine Snapshot Age

As you might know it is a VMware best practice to keep snapshots for more than 24-72 hours. To monitor aged snapshots using Nagios i created a perl script that checks the whole vCenter for snapshots. The script throws a warning because i think this is still not a critical event. You can easily change the behavior by changing the exit code to 2.

I set the allowed age to 3 days, based on VMware  KB1025279. You can change the maximum allowed age to whatever you want by changing the subroutine check_age.

You can use this script as source for Nagios. There is also a multiple line output which allows you to see the virtual machine that caused the warning event. Read more »