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VMware vSphere 6.0 Update 1 Released

VMware has just released vSphere 6.0 Update 1. Together with the Updates, the following products were released today:

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vCenter Server 5.0/5.1 Update - CVE-2014-6593 (SKIP-TLS)

vcenter-server-logoVMware has published an update for vCenter Server 5.0 and 5.1 where CVE-2014-6593 (SKIP-TLS) has been fixed.

It was discovered that the SSL/TLS implementation in the JSSE component in OpenJDK failed to properly check whether the ChangeCipherSpec was received during the SSL/TLS connection handshake. A man-in-the-middle attacker could possibly use this flaw to force a connection to be established without encryption being enabled. The update has been already fixed in newer versions of vCenter Server (6.0a, 5.5 Update 2e). More information are available in VMSA-2015-0003. Read more »

How to add AD Authentication in vCenter 6.0 (Platform Service Controller)

Platform Service Controller is a new component in vSphere 6.0. The PSC contains all the services that vCenter needs for its functions including Single Sign-On (SSO). This post describes how to configure AD authentication in vCenter Server 6.0.

The method shown in this post allows you to manage users and groups in your central directory. This works for both, the vCenter Server 6.0 installed on Windows Server and the vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA).vsphere60-login-screen

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vCenter Server 5.5 January 2015 Update (5.5 U2d)

VMware has published an update for vCenter Server 5.5.

Product: VMware vCenter Server 5.5
Release date: January 27, 2015
Version: 5.5 Update 2d
Build (Windows): 2442329
Build (Installer): 2442328
Build (Appliance): 2442330

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VM Export/Import PowerCLI Script

I wrote this little script snippet to export and import virtual machines from one vCenter to another. This might help for migrations where you have to add virtual machines from a datastore manually to the vCenter inventory. This script does not export any virtual machine disks or configuration files. It's only supposed as replacement for adding virtual machines from an existing datastore the the inventory.

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Host Profile Error - Found extra CIM-XML Indication Subscription

When you use Host Profiles to check the compliance of your configuration you might get the following failures against the host profile. The message persists after applying a profile and rebooting the ESXi Host:compliance-error-cim-xml

Found extra CIM-XML Indication Subscription on local system for query SELECT * FROM CIM_ProcessIndication sent to destination https://[URL]
Found extra CIM-XML Indication Subscription on local system for query SELECT * FROM CIM_AlertIndication sent to destination https://[URL]

This compliance error appears on HP Hardware when HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) is in use. The URL is different for each system, so the host profile can not be applied. To get rid of the message you have to disable CIM Indication Subscriptions in the Host Profile Configuration

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vCenter and the physical or virtual discussion - vSphere 5.5

Since vSphere 5.1 I have heard many advises that it is better to have a physical vCenter due to its enormous resource requirements. In the last years I had many discussions on that topics and it turned out that most people are just afraid because of this "chicken and egg" situation. Technical arguments are mostly related to dvSwitch issues or resource worries. In the following post I'll cover both sides of the argument.


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Upgrade vCenter 5.1 to 5.5 error: "The existing ssl certificate is invalid"

The upgrade from vCenter Server 5.1 to vCenter Server 5.5 (5.5.0 and 5.5.0a) fails during the SSO installation with the following error message:

The existing ssl certificate is invalid

After verifying the certificate i could confirm that it is valid and not expired. After troubleshooting the update log I figured out that the problem was caused by a wrong registry entry. The old 5.1 installation was using an IP address instead of the vCenters FQDN.

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Warning 25000 at vCenter 5.5 Update - How to handle?

When you are updating VMware vCenter Server 5.1 to version 5.5 you always get that "Warning 25000" message. This post shows how to check that the certificate is valid, and how to replace a expired certificate

Warning 25000. Please verify that the SSL certificate for your vCenter Single Sign-On 5.1 SSL is not expired. If it did expire, please replace it with a valid certificate before upgrading to vCenter Single Sign-On 5.5.

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Howto Update vCenter and ESXi Hosts to vSphere 5.5

The recently released major update of VMware vSphere, version 5.5 addresses several issues in vSphere 5.1. An update is absolutely recommended as it resolves many issues and reduces the complexity of some components like Single Sign-On. This update guide shows a small Walk-though how to Update you Platform to vSphere 5.5.


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