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vSphere Data Protection (VDP) Troubleshooting Commands

vdp-vsphere-data-protectionIf the VMware vSphere Data Protection (VDP) appliance has a problem, the GUI might not give enough information to resolve the issue. The command-line also gives you useful information that are not visible in the vSphere Web Client.

This post describes commands I use frequently to troubleshoot VDP appliances or gather additional information like capacity reports.

You have to connect to the VDP appliance with SSH as root (password was set during initial configuration)

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VMware VDP Required Permissions

In some environments you might have to reduce the permissions given to the vSphere Data Protection (VDP) Backup User to as few as possible. The documentation provided by VMware is a little bit ambiguous on that topic. The permissions given in that post are at least required for the following purposes:

  • VDP backup user (The user that the appliances uses to talk to the vCenter Server)
  • Configure and Add Backup/Restore Jobs
  • See the vSphere Data Protection button in the vSphere Web Client

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