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How long are Virtual Machines stunned for Snapshots and vMotion?

I've read this excellent article by Cormac Hogan explaining why and when a Virtual Machine receives a "stun". This post is a follow-up explaining how you can determine the duration of a Virtual Machine stun on the most common vSphere functions:

  • Create a Snapshot
  • Delete a Snapshot
  • vMotion

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VMware vSphere 6.0 vMotion Enhancements

vMotion Across Virtual Switchesvsphere6-cross-vswitch-vmotion
With vSphere 6.0 you can migrate Virtual Machines across virtual switches. The new vMotion workflow allows you to choose the destination network which can be on a vSwitch or vDS. This feature eliminates the need to span virtual switches across two locations. Nevertheless you still have to span the subnet between both locations because vMotion does not change the IP address.

The new workflow is integrated to the migration process in the vSphere Web Client. After selecting the compute resource and optionally storage, you can select a new destination network for each VM network adapter. Read more »