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Analyze and Replay IO Workloads with VMware

One of the most commonly problem in VMware migration projects is that the storage is undersized. When you want to size a new platform it is important to know the IO requirements. Unfortunately storage is often only sized for capacity, which is a great mistake. VMware offers tools you need to analyze and record workloads and replay them in the new platform. This post explains how to capture workloads with vscsiStats trace mode and replay them with I/O Analyzer.


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vscsiStats Grapher released

A few weeks ago I've silently made vscsiStats Grapher available. Now i want to attract some attention to it. With vscsiStats Grapher you can visualize vscsiStats output without the need of any other tools. Just copy&past the output into the  web-based form and it will create all diagrams automatically for you. If you do not have an output by hand you can download sample.csv or use the demo.

There are a couple of blog posts if you want to get more information about vscsiStats: