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PowerCLI Script to Calculate VSAN VSPP Points

VMware includes Virtual SAN in their VSPP program. Unfortunately their vCloud Usage Meter, the tool that helps to create a license report, does not support Virtual SAN by now. I wrote a little PowerCLI script to gather the required information.


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VMware Licensing Considerations #1 - Perpetual vs. VSPP

Software licensing is one of the most confusing part within the IT industry. Since virtualization has become wildly popular things are getting worse. Some application software vendors require cpu socket based licensing, which is fair for physical hardware but inappropriate for software running inside virtual machines. With the latest changes VMware has really fair and understandable licensing models. Today i am going to compare the the two license models perpetual and VSPP (VMware Service Provider Program). To make the models comparable i will consider vSphere Enterprise Plus Licenses only, without any additional products, except VMware vCloud Director.
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