VMware Homelab


8th Gen Hades Canyon NUC
7th Gen Intel NUC
Commercial / Dawson Canyon

7th Gen Intel NUC
Skull Canyon Intel NUC
6th Gen Intel NUC
5th Gen Intel NUC
4th Gen Intel NUCintel-nuc-4th-gen
Intel NUCIntel-NUC-Box
 HP Microserver Gen8hp-micro-gen8
 HP Microserver N36L/N40L/N54Ln40l_150px
 Gigabyte BRIX
VMware VSAN on Intel NUC
 VMware Workstation 10VMware-Workstation-10
Mac miniesx-on-mac-mini
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  2. Are these devices nodes of your home network?
    Long time ago I've created fully redundant cluster on Citrix XenServer using 2 Brix-based nodes, but this project was cancelled.
    Now my cluster is based on Supermicro and HP Proliant Gen6, heavy and loud servers, interconnected over Infiniband and 1Gbps links. I don't have $$$ for small, thin and low power devices. Exacly saying I'm staring from scratch to get best results.
    Your devices doesn't support more than single 1Gbps link, but You're an expert so I belive they're balanced and redundant.
    I read most of Your posts, keep going!

    • Currently my setup is fully based on Intel NUCs and HP Microservers. The "single 1GB NIC" on NUCs was a huge problem, but it has been solved a couple of month ago with a working USB NIC driver for ESXi.
      Low power systems are more expensive, but its totally worth when they are running 24/7.

  3. Hi,
    I want to make a suggestion.

    I miss some post about NAS and Intel's NUC systems with esxi.

    I have two NAS, synology DS415+ and "piece of shit" from WD, sorry, but is the truth i only store films and series, because i don't trust to it.

    I give up configuring the WD, everybody told that the WD can't be configured with the NFS, despite that the software manage it, but the 415+ is very easy.

  4. Marc Alumbaugh

    Has anyone tried the NUC8 yet?
    I have tried ESXi 6.5 and 6.7 with no luck.
    ESX 6.7 boots fine and loads all of the modules - tried with both secure and insecure boot mode but both die at “Shutting down firmware services…..
    Using “simple offset” UEFT RTS mapping policy”
    Any ideas?

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