VMware related Acronyms and Abbreviations

List of VMware related acronyms and abbreviations.

AAM Automated Availability Manager
ADM Application Discover Manager
APM Application Performance Manager
BYOD Bring Your Own Device
CB Chargeback
CBM Chargeback Manager
CBRC Content Based Read Cache
CF Cloud Foundry
CIM Common Interface Model
CIQ Capacity IQ
CIS Cloud Infrastructure Suite
CSI Clustering Services Infrastructure
DaaS Desktop as a Service
DAS Distributed Availability Service
DBaaS Database as a Service
DD Data Director
DPM Distributed Power Management
DRS Distributed Resources Scheduler
DVS Distributed Virtual Switch
ERS Enterprise Ready Server
ESX Elastic Sky X
ESXi Elastic Sky X Integrated
EUC End User Computing
EVC Enhanced vMotion Compatibility
EVDC Elastic Virtual Data Center
FDM Fault Domain Manager
FT Fault Tolerance
GFE GemFire Enterprise
GSX Ground Storm X
HA High Availability
HCL Hardware Compatibility List
HoL Hands-On Labs
IaaS Infrastructure as a Service
IODM I/O Device Management
MVP VMware Mobile Virtualization Platform
NEE Next-Generation Education Environment
NETIOC Network I/O Control
NIOC Network I/O Control
OVDC Organization Virtual Data Center
P2V Physical to Virtual
PaaS Platform as a Service
PAE Propero Application Environment
PDL Permanent Device Loss
PSO Professional Services Organisation
PVDC Provider Virtual Data Center
S2 SpringSource
SaaS Software as a Service
SDDC Software Defined Data Center
SDRS Storage Distributed Resource Scheduling
SI Spring Integration
SIOC Storage I/O Control
SM Service Manager
SMP Symmetrical Multi Processing
SR-IOV Single Root I/O Virtualization
SRM Site Recovery Manager
STS SpringSource Tool Suite
TAM Technical Account Manager
V2V Virtual to Virtual
VAAI vStorage API for Array Integration
VADM vCenter Application Discovery Manager
VC Virtual Center
VCA4-DT VMware Certified Associate 4 - Desktop
VCAC vCloud Automation Center
VCAP VMware Certified Advanced Professional
VCAP4-DCA VMware Certified Advanced Professional 4 - Datacenter Administration
VCAP4-DCD VMware Certified Advanced Professional 4 - Datacenter Design
VCAP5-DCA VMware Certified Advanced Professional 5 - Datacenter Administration
VCAP5-DCD VMware Certified Advanced Professional 5 - Datacenter Design
VCAP-CID VMware Certified Advanced Professional ā€“ Cloud Infrastructure Design
VCAP-DTD VMware Certified Advanced Professional - Desktop Design
VCAT vCloud Architecture Toolkit
VCD vCloud Director
VCDX VMware Certified Design Expert
VCDX4-DV VMware Certified Design Expert 4 - Datacenter Virtualiziation
VCDX5-DV VMware Certified Design Expert 5 - Datacenter Virtualiziation
VCDX-DT VMware Certified Design Expert ā€“ Desktop
VCIM vCloud Integration Manager
VCLI vSphere Command Line Interface
VCM vCenter Configuration Manager
VCO vCenter Orchestrator
VCOPS vCenter Operations
VCP4-DT VMware Certified Professional 4 - Desktop
VCP4-DV VMware Certified Professional 4 - Datacenter Virtualization
VCP5-DT VMware Certified Professional 5 - Desktop
VCP5-DV VMware Certified Professional 5 - Datacenter Virtualization
vCSA vCenter Server Appliance
VCSN vCloud Security and Networking
VDC Virtual Data Center
VDP vSphere Data Protection
VDR VMware Data Recovery
VDS vNetwork Distributed Switch
VIM Virtual Infrastructure Management
VIN vCenter Infrastructure Navigator
VIX Virtual Infrastructure eXtension
VM Virtual Machine
VMA vSphere Management Assistant
VMFS Virtual Machine File System
VMRC VMware Remote Console
VMS vFabric Management Service
VMSA VMware Security Advisory
VMTN VMware Technology Network
VMW VMware
VMX Virtual Machine eXecutable
VPX Virtual Provisioning X
VPXA Virtual Provisioning X Agent
VPXD Virtual Provisioning X Daemon
VR vSphere Replication
VRM vCloud Request Manager
VSA vSphere Storage Appliance
VSM VMware Service Manager
VSP VMware Sales Professional
vswif Virtual Switch Interface
VTSP VMware Technical Sales Professional
VUM vCenter Update Manager
VXLAN Virtual Extensible Local Area Network


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