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VMware related Acronyms and Abbreviations

List of VMware related acronyms and abbreviations.

AAMAutomated Availability Manager
ADMApplication Discover Manager
APMApplication Performance Manager
BYODBring Your Own Device
CBMChargeback Manager
CBRCContent Based Read Cache
CFCloud Foundry
CIMCommon Interface Model
CIQCapacity IQ
CISCloud Infrastructure Suite
CSIClustering Services Infrastructure
DaaSDesktop as a Service
DASDistributed Availability Service
DBaaSDatabase as a Service
DDData Director
DPMDistributed Power Management
DRSDistributed Resources Scheduler
DVSDistributed Virtual Switch
ERSEnterprise Ready Server
ESXElastic Sky X
ESXiElastic Sky X Integrated
EUCEnd User Computing
EVCEnhanced vMotion Compatibility
EVDCElastic Virtual Data Center
FDMFault Domain Manager
FTFault Tolerance
GFEGemFire Enterprise
GSXGround Storm X
HAHigh Availability
HCLHardware Compatibility List
HoLHands-On Labs
IaaSInfrastructure as a Service
IODMI/O Device Management
MVPVMware Mobile Virtualization Platform
NEENext-Generation Education Environment
NETIOCNetwork I/O Control
NIOCNetwork I/O Control
OVDCOrganization Virtual Data Center
P2VPhysical to Virtual
PaaSPlatform as a Service
PAEPropero Application Environment
PDLPermanent Device Loss
PSOProfessional Services Organisation
PVDCProvider Virtual Data Center
SaaSSoftware as a Service
SDDCSoftware Defined Data Center
SDRSStorage Distributed Resource Scheduling
SISpring Integration
SIOCStorage I/O Control
SMService Manager
SMPSymmetrical Multi Processing
SR-IOVSingle Root I/O Virtualization
SRMSite Recovery Manager
STSSpringSource Tool Suite
TAMTechnical Account Manager
V2VVirtual to Virtual
VAAIvStorage API for Array Integration
VADMvCenter Application Discovery Manager
VCVirtual Center
VCA4-DTVMware Certified Associate 4 - Desktop
VCACvCloud Automation Center
VCAPVMware Certified Advanced Professional
VCAP4-DCAVMware Certified Advanced Professional 4 - Datacenter Administration
VCAP4-DCDVMware Certified Advanced Professional 4 - Datacenter Design
VCAP5-DCAVMware Certified Advanced Professional 5 - Datacenter Administration
VCAP5-DCDVMware Certified Advanced Professional 5 - Datacenter Design
VCAP-CIDVMware Certified Advanced Professional – Cloud Infrastructure Design
VCAP-DTDVMware Certified Advanced Professional - Desktop Design
VCATvCloud Architecture Toolkit
VCDvCloud Director
VCDXVMware Certified Design Expert
VCDX4-DVVMware Certified Design Expert 4 - Datacenter Virtualiziation
VCDX5-DVVMware Certified Design Expert 5 - Datacenter Virtualiziation
VCDX-DTVMware Certified Design Expert – Desktop
VCFVMware Cloud Foundation
VCIMvCloud Integration Manager
VCLIvSphere Command Line Interface
VCMvCenter Configuration Manager
VCOvCenter Orchestrator
VCOPSvCenter Operations
VCP4-DTVMware Certified Professional 4 - Desktop
VCP4-DVVMware Certified Professional 4 - Datacenter Virtualization
VCP5-DTVMware Certified Professional 5 - Desktop
VCP5-DVVMware Certified Professional 5 - Datacenter Virtualization
vCSAvCenter Server Appliance
VCSNvCloud Security and Networking
VDCVirtual Data Center
VDPvSphere Data Protection
VDRVMware Data Recovery
VDSvNetwork Distributed Switch
VIMVirtual Infrastructure Management
VINvCenter Infrastructure Navigator
VIXVirtual Infrastructure eXtension
VMVirtual Machine
VMAvSphere Management Assistant
VMFSVirtual Machine File System
VMRCVMware Remote Console
VMSvFabric Management Service
VMSAVMware Security Advisory
VMTNVMware Technology Network
VMXVirtual Machine eXecutable
VPXVirtual Provisioning X
VPXAVirtual Provisioning X Agent
VPXDVirtual Provisioning X Daemon
VRvSphere Replication
VRMvCloud Request Manager
VSAvSphere Storage Appliance
VSMVMware Service Manager
VSPVMware Sales Professional
vswifVirtual Switch Interface
VTSPVMware Technical Sales Professional
VUMvCenter Update Manager
VXLANVirtual Extensible Local Area Network


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