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VMware vSphere 6.5 vs. vSphere 6.7

This site explains the key differences between vSphere 6.5 and vSphere 6.7. An overview comparison from all vSphere Versions is available here.

vSphere 6.5vSphere 6.7vSphere 6.7 U2
ReleasedNovember 2016April 2018April 2019
Physical CPUs per host576768
Physical RAM per host12 TB16 TB
VMs per host10241024
vCPU per VM128128256
vMEM per VM6128 GB6128 GB
Cluster Size6464
VM Hardware Version131415
VMFS Version5.81 (VMFS5)
6.81 (VMFS6)
5.81 (VMFS5)
6.82 (VMFS6)
ManagementvSphere Web Client
HTML5 Client
HTML5 Client
vSphere Web Client
Platform Services ControllerEmbedded PSC
External PSC
Embedded PSC
vMotionCluster-wide EVCCluster-wide EVC
vGPU vMotion
vMotion Network SupportL3 Network
max. 100ms RTT
vMotion Traffic Encryption
L3 Network
max. 150ms RTT
vMotion Traffic Encryption
Fault Tolerance Support4 vCPU
8 vCPU
128 GB RAM
REST APIYES (700 Operations)YES (900 Operations)
Virtual SANVSAN 6.5
iSCSI Support
2-node Direct Connect
512e Device Support
vSAN 6.7
HTML5 Interface Support
Fast Network Failover
Microsoft WSFC
4k Native Device Support
FIPS 140-2 Level 1
vCenter TypeWindows
Linux (vCSA)
Linux (vCSA)
vSphere Quick BootNOYES
Persistent MemoryNOYES
vCSA Scale (vPostgres)2000 Hosts
25000 VMs
2000 Hosts
35000 VMs
vCSA Operating SystemPhoton 1.0Photon 1.0