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Manage VSAN 5.5 with RVC Part 4 – Troubleshooting

Part 4 of the "Manage VSAN with RVC" series covers commands that are useful to troubleshoot VSAN configurations. The commands can measures performance metrics and fix configuration issues:

  • vsan.obj_status_report
  • vsan.check_state
  • vsan.fix_renamed_vms
  • vsan.reapply_vsan_vmknic_config
  • vsan.vm_perf_stats


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Manage VSAN 5.5 with RVC Part 3 – Object Management

Part 3 of the "Manage VSAN with RVC" series explains commands related to VSAN objects. This commands provide an insight on how VSAN works. You can identify the status of objects and where they are located:

  • vsan.disks_info
  • vsan.disks_stats
  • vsan.cmmds_find
  • vsan.vm_object_info
  • vsan.disk_object_info
  • vsan.object_info
  • vsan.object_reconfigure


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Manage VSAN 5.5 with RVC Part 2 – VSAN Cluster Administration

Part 2 of the "Manage VSAN with RVC" series explains commands related to VSAN cluster administration tasks. This commands are required to gather informations about ESXi hosts and the cluster itself. They also provide important informations when you want to maintain your VSAN cluster:

  • vsan.host_info
  • vsan.cluster_info
  • vsan.check_limits
  • vsan.whatif_host_failures
  • vsan.enter_maintenance_mode
  • vsan.resync_dashboard


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Manage VSAN 5.5 with RVC Part 1 - Basic Configuration Tasks

The "Manage VSAN with RVC" series explains how to use Ruby vSphere Console command line to control your VSAN environment. The first part explains basic configuration tasks that are required for the initial setup:

  • vsan.enable_vsan_on_cluster
  • vsan.disable_vsan_on_cluster
  • vsan.apply_license_to_cluster
  • vsan.host_consume_disks
  • vsan.cluster_set_default_policy
  • vsan.host_wipe_vsan_disks

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Ruby vSphere Console Namespace Diagram

Ruby vSphere Console (RVC) is a new interactive object oriented command line utility. The vSphere inventory is presented as a tree structure. It is a new tool allowing you to do basic administrative tasks more efficiently. To get an overview I've created a diagram containing all namespaces. I hope it can help you to get an overview of the command tree.


SPBM RVC namespace - NoMethodError: undefined method 'RetrieveServiceContent'

The latest VSAN Beta Refresh includes a new Ruby vSphere Console (RVC) namespace to manage VM Storage Policies. The SPBM (Storage Policy Based Management) called namespaces does not work out of the box. It crashes when you want to query the available policies or check for compliance.

/localhost/Hamburg> spbm.check_compliance ~/vms/vma.virten.lab/
NoMethodError: undefined method `RetrieveServiceContent' for PbmServiceInstance("ServiceInstance"):RbVmomi::VIM::PbmServiceInstance

rvc-spbm-errorThis problem can be solved by updating RVC to the latest version.

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Identify and solve ineligible disk problems in Virtual SAN

During VMware Virtual SAN (vSAN) installation on old reused hardware I noticed that there were no eligible data disk available. I can't claim the disks for vSAN or create a disk group. There were no further information why the data disks are not eligible. Thanks to the vSAN troubleshooting commands provided by RVC (Ruby vSphere Console) I could find and solve the reason quite quick.


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Getting Started with Ruby vSphere Console (RVC)

Ruby vSphere Console (RVC) - If you do not know what that is, you should definately give it a try. RVC is a Ruby based command line interface for vSphere and can be used to manage VMware ESXi and vCenter. Initially published as Fling, it grew into a fully implemented feature in vSphere 5.5. The vSphere inventory is presented in a tree structure, allowing you to navigate and run commands against vCenter objects. Many basic administrativ tasks can be done much more efficiently than clicking through the vSphere Client.

This guide covers some basic tasks and the procedure of how to use RVC with:

  • vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA)
  • Windows-based vCenter Server
  • vMA
  • Windows
  • Linux

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Howto install Ruby vSphere Console (RVC) on vMA 5.x

With the release of vSphere 5.5, VMware supports a new command line utility: Ruby vSphere Console (RVC). RVC is a Ruby based interactive object oriented command line utility. It was initially released as a Fling some years ago. RVC has support for both, the Windows version of vCenter Server and the vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA). It is similar to other command line tools like PowerCLI or ESXCLI and can be used to manage and troubleshoot vSphere environments. In this post I am going to show how to install RVC on the vSphere Management Assistant (vMA).


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